Posted by: asolare | 26/09/2010

American Samoa

170º41´.4W 14º17’.5S

American Samoa

Every day episodes of heavy rain and blustery squalls fall on Pago Pago, the harbour with the highest rainfall in the world, the apt setting for Rain by Somerset Maugham . Google, why the Moon and Sixpence in Tahiti? For a week Asolare has been washed thoroughly in fresh water and gallons rescued from the awnings and funneled into our fresh water supply. South Easterly trade winds force the clouds high over the aptly named Rainmaker mountain towering above us and deposit 300mm this month down on the harbour . Amer. Samoa is unfairly described as the armpit of the South Pacific. Surprisingly we have not meet any white Americans. The obvious influence from the USA are the hugh 4 wheel drive trucks gas guzzlers cruising the coast road at 25 miles/h all immaculately polished and contrasting with the local multicolored buses, a crumbled up dollar to the driver gets you a hours trip to the end of the island entertained by loud religious hymns or samoan idol videos. Friends make the journey just for the fun of it gossiping with one another and the driver.
The island is green, green, green and beautiful, lots of birds white graceful tropicbird , mountain doves, flying foxes, and flowers, hibiscus bougainvillea, coral tree , the villagers proudly brush up leaves and debris from the winds , a carpet of soft grass covers the land, shamefully unable to be reproduced in Le Lavandou and heavy creeping vine the mountain side.
Tuna canneries can’t be ignored, surrounded by dilapidated Asian Fishing trawlers. They hum day and night even on the holy sabbath when even the big motor car hummers don’t hum. Thus far the stench has not hit us except when we brazened Starkist for permission , not granted, to watch processing and learn for our own catches.
We have spent the week shopping in a hugh Cost U less where the only exciting produce were fresh roast chicken and $ 130 of New York skirt, not the , but frozen animal cut into 12 x 1.5 inch hugh steaks. Sometimes we need a little luxury washed down with Almaden Californian burgundy from a 5 litre carton.
We had 150Nm to sail from Niutoputapu last port in Tonga to Paga Pago.The passage here was tough. Despite a Scopaderm patch and regular Stugeron after 3 months day sailing I was sea sick on my night watches. The pattern is 3hr watches at night and 4 hours by day. There was a 3 meter swell. I am anxious about the next overnight tomorrow to Apia and the adrenaline kick makes me sicker.



  1. There is life out there!!! Touch base with your family and a granddaughter who would love to hear from you!

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