Posted by: asolare | 17/05/2010

Tahiti Pearl Regatta

Asolare has been sailing in the Tahiti Pearl Regatta where we didn’t win any prizes but got an amazing amount of attention and compliments for out big turquoise spinnaker which is exactly the colour of the lagoon when the sun is shining. We have developed a problem with the furling system which means we are for the moment unable to use the mainsail but have a good supply of sails still to fly from a choice of two masts. Most of the downwind sailing was done with the big turquoise and the mizzen spinnaker set.

The TPR is a great sailing event with a 27 mile downwind race to Bora Bora on day one, an upwind leg back to Riatea and Taha on day two then an around the island race inside the reef and a short course in the lagoon on the last two days. All this fantastic sailing is followed by a party every night in a different anchorage, usually held on a motu or small part of the reef detached from the main island with just a few palm trees on it. The race organisation even put on a shuttle boat, so you don’t have to race towing a dinghy, and deliver a fresh baguette to your boat every morning.

We go back to Bora Bora tomorrow to rejoin the World ARC fleet for the last few days in French Polynesia before sailing on to Suwarrow and Niue.

Lots of love to all back home, Peter and Mandy



  1. Great to keep up with you guys. all looks like heaven!
    Do you have any bad days??
    We are off to Alaska on Thursday!
    Cant wait to see the whales and bears!

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