Posted by: asolare | 05/12/2009

Asolare Ship’s Log 14 – Fri 04 Dec 09 – And suddenly nothing happened

174 nm covered in 24hours. Average speed 7.25 Knots
Position at 1200 UTC 4 Dec 09 was 15.35N 52.52W

6th Place in Class!  ASOLARE is very pleased that we have taken 6th place (by only 4 miles) but 5th place may now be in reach – being just 12 miles ahead of us!

The title of this entry gives it away. The wind was 12 knots average with hardly a cloud in sight. We trundled relentlessly westwards, driven by our large “ghoster” spinnaker. It was virtually silent except for the regular irritating crackling of the of the ultra-lightweight sail material.

For the really interested reader, we managed to go faster than the apparent wind speed. Don’t believe me? Photo included.

Sallyanne however, did have some excitement during her watch (0300 –0600). Being a self-professed squall magnet she soon attracted 4 or 5 mini squalls to Asolare and spent her watch marking them on the radar and dodging around them.

Dawn broke, a fish bit and got away, we had breakfast. The End.

By Mark (and Crew Peter, Sallyanne, Stephen and Clare)


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