Posted by: asolare | 22/11/2009

Asolare Ship’s Log 1 – Saturday 21 Nov 09 – One day to go till Race Start.

Route and Weather: We appear to have a good weather forecast for today so route of choice from Gran Canaria to St Lucia we will probably head further south first before turning West as we wish to take advantage of the seasonal trade winds – although the warmer water may give rise to greater squall activity to keep us on our toes. However – The Captain intends to calculate the exact location and distances of the acceleration zones of both Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Most yachts will probably head away from the Acceleration zones, particularly if they are on Spinnaker / Cruising shoots. However the crew on Asolare have agreed to go for the excitement of the Acceleration zones and tuck in to the coast at the Captains calculated distance and attempt to sling-shot our selves from one acceleration zone to the next – remaining on white sails.

Preparation: So far preparation is good – although the to do list of jobs keeps growing faster than the jobs can be crossed off the list.

Last Sunday afternoon I spent 4 hours in the Galley producing cooked meals to be bagged and frozen in portions for 5 Crew. I believe I have created 55 meals – ie 11 sittings for all 5 crew; 3x Spaghetti Bolognaise, 3x Chile Con Carne and 5x Spicy Chicken P-Nut butter curry. The frozen meals will be good for days when the weather is too rough to cook, or we are too busy with problems with the sails or if we fail to catch AND land the fish onto the boat while rocking and rolling!!

ASOLARE crew this year comprises of Dad (Skipper with uber experience and lots of Atlantic crossings over last 50 years), Mark Thorpe (Ex-RAF Eng and crew on ‘Quasar IV’ during ARC 08 and ASOLARE crew 09), Clare Pengelly (Adventurer and ASOLARE crew for ARC 07, some World ARC 07 and ASOLARE crew 09), Me (ASOLARE crew for ARC 04, ARC 07 and some World ARC 07) and Stephen (3 weeks sail training with ARMY, not yet stepped aboard ASOLARE and hoping for an exciting crossing!).

This week the crew attended an array the seminar programme which includes:
Double/ Short-handed Workshop
Weather and Routing for Atlantic Crossing
Rigging and the 3 min rig safety inspection
Provisioning and life at sea
Management of Emergencies
SSB Radio Communications
Communications Seminar and Net Controllers Briefing
Emergency Power Management
Tips for Downwind Sailing
First Aid and Health at Sea
Information for arrival in St Lucia.
Sea Safety Demonstrations
Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter demo winching a casualty from a boat.
A live flare demo and a life raft demo giving a chance for all the crew to practise as a crew getting in and out of a life raft.

Tomorrow’s log will explain how we got on with the acceleration zones!


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