Posted by: asolare | 29/04/2008

26 Apr 08 – Dad’s Birthday – Part 2

We were invited to join the Laau’s at 7:30pm. The only problem was we didn’t actually know the correct time! Boat time, GPS time and Daughter’s watch all disagreed! This had become a standing joke on board – but it had not really mattered until now! When we arrived by dinghy from our boat by torch light (30 mins early) we were welcomed ashore on the jetty by local instruments and singing. It sounded amazing and made us feel very welcome and special.

We all sat around a large table whilst a grand feast was gathered. The family, farm workers, neighbours and sailing couple had spent the entire day preparing for the evening. Dad was placed at the head of the table and presented with a crown of fresh flowers and a garland. We ate the fresh fish we had caught earlier – ‘cooked’ for 5 mins in lemon juice then marinated in coconut milk, with clam curry and BBQ chicken. Then Dad was presented with a wonderful Birthday Cake made by Karin and Jean aboard S/V INTIAQ. The locals sang Hapy Birthday in their own language, then again in French led by the French Couple, and finally in English.

It was the most amazing birthday celebration I have ever been to and Dad looked very very happy! 🙂


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