Posted by: asolare | 11/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 16: 10 Dec 2007

Today Clare went up the mast for the second time to re-align a hailer-speaker that was pointing skyward. We will need it to play a couple of ‘victory’ songs as we cross the finish line and whilst making way through the cut into Rodney Bay Marina So far our short list runs to Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb, the 1812 Overture, Rule Britannia and Yellow Submarine

More eventfully …. The lashing that attaches the top of the Genoa to the Halyard has just failed and dropped the sail into the water! It is a very heavy sail we needed to get it back on board quickly. The Skipper took control in the cockpit trying to slow the boat down while the three of us battled with the sail in the rain! By lying down on the aft deck and waiting for the boat to heel over hard to port we managed to grab the head of the sail as it surfed down a large wave back towards the boat but the boat speed was still too high and the sail was pulled out of our hands back in to the water. So we left the sail dragging in the water and needed to take the ballooner down to reduce speed. In the process the skipper brought the boat round to de-power the sail which had the unexpected effect of blowing the lower part of the sail back on to the boat … we grabbed and stowed it fast!

With this sail now safe we took down the Ballooner. Unfortunately Sods Law applied, just a few minutes after the Ballooner came down there was another twang when the Gennaker Halyard snapped dropping this sail to starboard. We couldn’t believe it! a much larger sail (over 100 square meters of sail) now dragged along in the water. But this time we were already on deck so our reaction time combined with the sail being a lot lighter allowed us to pull the sail back on deck quite quickly.

The smaller sail configuration we should arrive ETA 4am UTC tonight.


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