Posted by: asolare | 10/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 15: 9 Dec 2007

Another Sunday marks the start of our third week at sea. A number of the larger yachts have crossed the finish line along with a few fast smaller ones (with or with out engine assistance). At yesterday’s SSB Radio position reporting many yachts in our class reported between 15-24 hours of motoring in the last 24. We still have a total of only 43min motor for the entire trip – so our overall position should be more favorable than that indicated by ‘Distance to Finish’ once all the engine penalties are taken into consideration.

Today’s picture was taken last night just as we were sitting down to a fabulous Sunday Roast Gammon – complete with Cloves. We bought the Gammon in Las Palmas at the meat market – the Skipper drew a picture of a Pig and made ‘Oink Oink’ sounds to indicate we wanted Gammon. Having looked forward to this for 2 weeks we all agreed that PORK with Cloves made a tasty, if not a little unusual taste combination. Jonathan did a fine job and even made a chocolate cheesecake for dessert. I don’t think any of us have eaten so well – but then the off-watch crew have plenty of time to plan and prepare lovely meals.

Finally – there is one crew member aboard ASOLARE that is happiest most when pre-occupied with furtling the sails. Her name is Clare – and anyone who knows Clare will also know how dedicated and focused she is. This wonderful character trait has established itself with Clare inventing, introducing and playing ‘TELL-TALE BINGO’. The rules are very simple – all the tell-tales must be flying at exactly the same time on ALL 4 sails! (Gib, Stay Sail, Main and Mizzen). Once this is achieved ‘BINGO’ can be claimed. Whilst the Skipper does not declare his hand – evidence suggests that he is a closet Tell-Tale Bingo Champion!


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