Posted by: asolare | 09/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 14: 8 Dec 2007

After 3 days of intense sailing through large stormy weather systems and skillfully dodging the squalls, we realized that our route now took us close to the Mid-Atlantic Tourist Board and Information Office. Having radioed ahead to confirm the Office was open on Sundays we made a quick gybe to port and took a direct route in order to take advantage of their complimentary Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Within 30 mins of arrival a sense of normality was restored as the entire crew managed to catch up on email, personal banking and the reading of other ARC Logs.

Food remains excellent. Last night we ate more of our Dorado caught on friday – Clare’s ‘Swiss Rosti’ – grated potatoes, onions, and fish – bound with egg and gently fried in chili oil. Yum Yum. This was followed by Sallyanne’s Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread and then Big Bad Jon’s Frozen Icecream Twix bars (Which had been kept hidden all along!). This morning for breakfast was smoked Salmon, Scrambled egg and Spanish bacon on hot buttered toast whilst sat in the cockpit – the first time for several days that it has been calm enough and dry enough to do so.

For lunch we request that Clare re-make Swiss Rosti to use up the last of the fish. Then Big Bad Jon has volunteered to cook Full Sunday Roast (Gammon) for dinner.
Currently making way by 6.5kts direct to St Lucia having made our ‘fourth’ final turn to St Lucia! Therefore we predict arriving in the late afternoon of 12 Dec assuming no further distractions, deviations or lack of wind!


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