Posted by: asolare | 08/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 13: 7 Dec 2007

Another night of squall dodging for many ARC Yachts. Most yachts seemed to take some comfort from the fact that there were plenty of other ARC yachts to talk to on both VHF and SSB. Most swapped weather information and discussed routing options as well as describing local conditions across the fleet. An indication as to the scale of the problems was captured by the attached photo. The red on the screen indicates severe heavy storms with winds up to 50kts surrounding the boat

Having said this the Crew of ASOLARE are feeling quite smug this morning because our talented Skipper observed the weather and by understanding how the system is developing the Skipper cleverly navigated and weaved ASOLARE through the array of squalls and weather systems all night to ensure our safety and comfort. We even made it through the weather system relatively calmly, happy and with no boat damage! So now, labelled a ‘Hero’, he is sleeping soundly in the aft cabin and we the crew have turned our full attention to cleaning chores to keep skipper happy.

At 1130UTC the ARC Radio network sparked in to life with a Fleet Wide Broadcast relaying a MAYDAY on behalf of Yacht SPAM. A network of VHF relay broadcasts quickly passed through the fleet alerting the yachts closest to the distressed Yacht. This was followed up at 1155 UTC when ASOLARE took advantage of the daily 1155-1200 listening watch on SSB ARC 4C to broadcast the request for assistance message from Cowes. Yacht BLUE SPIRIT was most suitably located and took control of relaying all messages and managing the response from all offers of assistance. A few hours later it was reported that all 3 crew had been transferred from their Life Raft to the safety of another Yacht demonstrating the major advantages of sailing as part of a large organised fleet of Yachts with a common communication network..


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