Posted by: asolare | 07/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 12: 6 Dec 2007

The last 24 has proved a challenge to most of the ARC yachts, ASOLARE included, with significant number of squalls and thunderstorms spread over a large area. The problem was caused by a trough and a ridge of high pressure mid-Atlantic where most of the yachts are sailing currently (although we understand that the first super speedy yachts are expected to arrive in St Lucia today!). It is a known fact that on a yacht if anything is to go wrong it will happen at about 3 o ‘clock in the morning as it is very difficult at night to see the size scale and direction of developing storms. Fortunately ASOLARE is equipped with radar so we can see these menacing storms and in principle we attempt to navigate around or between them. (a black art to my mind, but one at which our skipper is very adept!) Without radar we would have simply had to reduce sail, batten down the hatches and accept our fate.

We had a very menacing 10 mile by 6 mile storm which we started tracking when it was14nm away. It was so vast we had to change our sail plan completely in order to keep out of its path. At this time we were in touch by VHF radio and in sight of yacht NOOKA just a few miles to the east of us. Attached is the picture of NOOKA looking quite tiny under a rather imposing thunder cloud. We knew they were well reefed and prepared but the cloud looked quite intimidating to us never the less.

Our fishing exploits have taken a positive turn; as I type I can smell sizzling garlic, lime and basil drifting from behind me in the galley and I can see Jonathan on deck extracting the BBQ from the Lazarette – This morning we caught our first fish, a 10lb Dorado. It put up a strong fight but slick implementation of operation Fish Recovery (as briefed by the Skipper yesterday) saw it swiftly on deck, despatched with Caribbean Rum, gutted and turned into Dorado Steaks.


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