Posted by: asolare | 06/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 11: 5 Dec 2007

Yesterday the whole crew spotted one adolescent humpback whale. It breeched a few times just 0.5nm from our port side. Jonathan had been on ‘wild-life’ watch and was rewarded after 40mins of gazing at the horizon. At this point Clare made a timely observation; we would only spot more wild life if we spent more time looking for it! So Sallyanne volunteered to sit on the seat at the bow for a couple of hours of sunbathing…… oops wild-life spotting!

Last night a new sport was invented on board ASOLARE – extreme BBQ’ing! Dad, sporting lifejacket and with a lifeline securing him to the aft deck, noted that BBQ’ing at 45degrees must be considered one of the most extreme of on-board sports requiring the use of both hands to keep the food on the grill whilst maintaining near perfect balance and displaying the total calm and confident image one would expect from the Skipper!

Clare’s revelation about time spent on an activity could equally be true for catching fish. While we have spent our time watching and tweaking sails in order to remain competitive and engine free (only 40mins of Engine time so far), we have failed to catch a fish which is rather disappointing! Initially we thought we were going far to fast to catch a fish – but we speak to other yachts daily who have no problem with this and even grumble that they ‘caught yet another Dorado and did anyone know how to catch tuna’. So yesterday afternoon we took some advice from Jonathan on yacht AQUALUNA and Jeremy on ASTRA: They suggested that weight on the line and distance behind boat was not important – but using a squid lure skipping across the surface with a hook far back might work. So at first light this morning we deployed our latest attempts at attracting a fish – squid lure with a flying fish that landed itself on-board last night! Our Tactic change caught us a fish – but now we need to improve our ‘Landing a fish’ tactics!



  1. I am following your trips with a lot of interest, especially because I passed you by near the southcoast of Spain in October 2009. I was coming down from La Rochelle with my brandnew AMEL 54 ad I tried to contact you by VHF but there was unfortunately no answer.

    All the best
    Markus from SV SEDA

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