Posted by: asolare | 02/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 7: 1 Dec 2007

Despite the loss of our Parasailor, the 28kn NE wind and a need to head south has given us a better wind angle and reasonable drive. However this quest for every ounce of wind does find us heading for every squall rather than trying to avoid those in our path

Sunbathing off, Asolare crew are today found making fishing lures from the remains of the red and white Parasailor – Replace, Reuse, Recycle! Having had no success at all on the fishing front so far, maybe our secret weapon will prove useful after all!

We are seeing flying fish regularly now, two found on deck this morning. Sallyanne ‘rescued’ and returned one to the sea and, rather insensitively and ill timed, Peter got hit in the face by a very wet fish right at the height of the Parasail drama as the last line was cut from his beloved and favourite sail! Talk about hitting a man when he is down!

On the food front we had corn on the cob for lunch and chilli con carne with sautéed leaks for dinner. This morning those on early watch had creamy porridge to keep them going until the rest of the crew get up for Mexican Brunch – Chicken Fajitas! Later we are looking forward to Sunday Dinner – Lamb with roast potatoes, carrots, green beans, cabbage and an attempt at Yorkshire Puddings (although they are never going to be as good as Mum’s Yorkshire puddings!)

Right now we are ripping and rolling and bumping and whooshing along at 9.5kts on the edge of a small squall – Great Fun and once again the lower windows to starboard are dipping below the water level. Hopefully we will get some rain and wash some of the salt off the Yacht. The sky is grey and moody but warm and with reasonable wind of 22-25kts. Yee Ha!


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