Posted by: asolare | 01/12/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 6: 30 Nov 2007

And it was all going so well! Today we were all set for the fastest day of the passage so far, indeed an Asolare record was all but in the bag when, just as the first scene of a (rather gruesome) DVD rolled onto the screen, ‘Twang!’ The same twang heard just two days ago ricocheted through the boat; our Parasailor was in the water for a second time the mast fitting (to the shackle and halyard) having failed again!

All hands called, Jonathon and Clare were on deck within the minute but sadly the rapid retrieval of last time was not to be repeated. The Parasailor had fallen out of reach on windward (pole) side of the boat. During the later stages of the recovery attempt we came to the conclusion that the sail was for certain caught firmly around the fin keel and possibly the prop. Sadly, despite best efforts and 4 hours of trying, the sail could not be recovered.

At 5am and with sad hearts we cut all lines in the hope that the sail would drift away, but our feisty Parasailor was made of sterner stuff and would not let go! A small section of sail floated to the surface attached to the launching collar, which in turn was firmly and rather problematically attached to the prop. Fortunately our ever versatile Jonathan can also swim!

Having swiftly executed his task (and taken the photo to prove it!) we were on our way again. Our 24hr distance was not the 200+ we were aiming at, but we did clock a respectable 165 miles despite our mid-Atlantic pit stop!


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