Posted by: asolare | 30/11/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 5: 29 Nov 2007

240 Yachts set off from Las Palmas on the same day at the same time heading for St Lucia …. So where is everybody?

For the last 2 days all we have seen is a couple of yachts tracking across the horizon and that is it! However, thanks to the ARC Net on SSB and updates emailed by World Cruising Club we are kept up to date with news from the fleet.

In the past 24hours there have been two situations involving ARC yachts. One involves a medical emergency (burns) with the injured crew member due to be evacuated to a commercial ship today. The second incident involved 2 illegal immigrants that boarded an ARC Yacht. The other Immigrants stayed in their vessel. A second ARC Yacht is standing by the boarded yacht until a Navel Vessel and aircraft arrives later today.

This morning Jonathan was volunteered to go to the very top of the mast to repair the shackle and replace the pulley block. Wearing wellies (on good advice from ‘Jerry the Rigger’) Jonathan completed the task and took photos of the work so that our Skipper could assess the repair. All looked good so Jonathan’s mission was declared a success. We are now back to flying our Parasailor again and making a comfortable 8-9kts.

Again we all ate very well today. Porridge and avocado pears for breakfast. Lunch was home made French Onion Soup with large cheesy croutons and warldorf salad. Our Skipper baked bread. We caught 2 fish but lost them both straight away. Clive the Chive and the Rosemary plants are surviving well!

This evening with our Parasailor making for a comfortable ride we decided to watch ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ – but again we were foiled when the on-watch crew member in the cockpit announced the arrival of Dolphins on the bow!


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