Posted by: asolare | 29/11/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 4: 28 Nov 2007

Wow what a day! The Skipper and Crew were fully tested over the past 24hours!

This morning we had our first Wednesday Full English Fried Breakfast; Bacon, Sausage, Grilled tomatoes, Heinz Baked Beans fried eggs. But the fun really started with a loud twang just as we were sitting down to home made Pizza.

It was the shackle that attaches the pulley block and Halyard to the mast that failed. The Parasailor flew without it’s halyard and most likely the said pulley block and rope sat on the wing for 10-15 seconds before collapsing. This gave the 3 crew a chance to scramble on to deck to save the sail.

Our Skipper, who had been resting, popped his head up to see what had happened and dipped back below to retrieve his life jacket knowing from previous experience with a sail overboard it may take up to 5 hours to retrieve! However, by the time he was back on deck we had nearly all of the sail, sheets and halyard back on board. Skipper was very happy with us all and so we were treated to a DVD and some Microwave popcorn to accompany our home-made pizza!

Food Update: The cooking of the full cooked English Breakfast (planned every Wednesday) was going really well until we slid sideways down a rather large wave causing my grilled tomatoes topped with melted grated parmesan cheese to impact the side of the oven and then slide down the back wall! Rescue mission took place but they never quite looked the same after that!


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