Posted by: asolare | 28/11/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 3: 27 Nov 2007

Day 3 and we are having a fantastic time and eating very well. Toast, Cereal and Yoghurt for breakfast. Lunch was Sallyanne’s Spicy Chicken Peanut Butter Curry with salad and avocado, followed by a Mars Ice-cream and last night Jonathan cooked a very tasty steak (medium rare – to perfection) with carrots and asparagus followed by some rice-pudding!

More Dolphins! There was great excitement on ASOLARE as the crew were again treated to a spectacular Dolphin display. I hope other boats are having as much enjoyment from these playful creatures. The best spot of all was last night when we put on our mast ‘deck light’ to check the telltales and discovered that ASOLARE was surrounded by Dolphins – you could just make them out whizzing and zipping about like a dark mysterious shadows – not dissimilar to the Harry Potter Reapers!

Today Sallyanne ran the ARC Net for Group D and very much enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately last night the other Net Controller in our group ‘ONE TWO MANY’ developed a Comms problem, we learnt this via a second yacht which managed to relay a message of apology saying they would unlikely be able to run the Net. It is rather fortunate that all the crew aboard ASOLARE are willing to have a go at being Net Controllers. After Sallyanne runs today’s Net she will to invite other Yachts from Group D to make a one-off guest appearance as Net Controller in order to increase our Groups overall experience of using and relaying messages using the SSB/Radio Procedures.

We also had an email problem which meant a delay in WCC in Cowes receiving the SSB position reports. After 2 hours (on and off) via SAT Phone to a help desk we managed to get the email back up late evening yesterday.


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