Posted by: asolare | 26/11/2007

ARC 2007 Daily Log 1: 25 Nov 2007

Start Day for ARC 2007 and all is well aboard ASOLARE. We are 4 Crew; skipper Peter Turner, daughter Sallyanne, and two friends Clare Pengelly and Jonathan Stuttard.

We estimated that we crossed the Start line within 20-30 seconds and made good speed straight away. Our original tactical plan was to use the Parasailor and stay clear of the Acceleration Zone however, with the stronger winds forecast we opted to use white sails and scooted along the edge of the Acceleration Zone and then turned away from the islands to avoid the wind shadow from Tenerife.

Shortly after the start we sent one crew member down for a snooze to kick start our watch pattern. The 4 of us decided to use a 3 hour rotating watch pattern with one double watch taking place between 6am – 12am. Each crew member will do a double watch once every 4 days and this will allow the pattern to swing so we don’t end up doing the same watches every day. Also all of the crew should be up for breakfast at some point during that period so the double watch is relatively painless.

Food on Sunday was kept very basic as we all settled in to the rhythm of the boat.


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